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You are the future, let’s shape it with our services for young people

We respect the importance of you having space to work through issues that bother you without being judged. Our youth workers can support you in connecting you with the right people.

Individualised Support when you need it

Below you will find two free support options that you can attend or book when you need them. We are here to help.

FREE Parenting Course

We run evidence-based parenting programs with well-qualified and experienced facilitators such as Circle of Security, 123 Magic, Tuning in to Kids, Tuning in to Teens and Bringing up Great kids. These programs provide user-friendly, practical tips for parents based on best practices and research of what works.

We can also provide child care so that you can attend comfortably, and we even offer interpreters if required.

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FREE Meetings with a Family Worker

We can meet up with you on a ‘one-off’ or a regular basis. We will listen to your concerns. We may help you set some goals based on what you and your family most require and help you create plans to reach these goals.

We often find it helps to work with whole families, including children. We can also refer you to a more specialised service if needed.

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“I noticed one student, in particular, become more confident during the group sessions. This student initially did not participate much in the discussion and would not offer to suggest ideas or rhythms for the drums. As each session progressed, I noticed this student became more independent and confident in her ideas and participation in the group. There was less hesitation before each drumming exercise and an increased willingness to go first.” - Primary school counsellor

Visit us at the Community Hub in Villawood

Our Community Hub located in the heart of Villawood is a key meeting point for our community.

We provide:

  • Times for a variety of children, young people and family services to offer advice and referral services. This includes financial counselling, Centrelink support, Tenancy advocacy and more.
  • Rooms for meetings
  • Opportunities to access important information through the internet, phone or photocopier.
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Current Events

PCYC Program of Activities – Term 3

Join Woodville Alliance with like-minded friends for Term 3 for a range of fun life-changing sports and activities at local PCYC Liverpool. PCYC hosts a broad range of activities to […]

Date : 17 July 2023

Time :

Location: PCYC Liverpool

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