Woodville Alliance – Board announcement

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Allwood as the new Chair of our Board of Directors, effective March 2024. Peter brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this pivotal role having held positions across a range of industries including health, property, banking, and manufacturing in Australia and internationally over many years. He has a proven track record of assisting organisations enhance long term sustainability and impact through a focus on strategy development and delivery, building strong partnerships, and investing in people. 

Peter Allwood

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our previous Chair, Ken Bone, for his inspiring stewardship and commitment to Woodville Alliance. Having joined the Board of Directors in November 2013, Ken was appointed Chair in June 2015 and led the change of our name and legal status, from Woodville Community Services (an incorporated association) to Woodville Alliance (a company limited by guarantee). Over almost nine years, Ken has guided our Board with wisdom, integrity and dedication. His vision and commitment have been instrumental in our growth and success. Ken’s experience and knowledge will not be lost from Woodville Alliance, as he will continue as a Director on the Board. 

We also announce the retirement of Sandra Gamble from our Board of Directors, effective December 2023. Commencing in November 2016, Sandra has been an integral part of our Board providing invaluable insights, guidance, and dedication. Sandra’s passion and unwavering commitment to Woodville Alliance has left an indelible mark on our journey, and we thank her for her significant contribution.