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Diverse, full of life & culture, get to know Western Sydney

Western Sydney is one of Australia’s most diverse, fast-growing and dynamically changing communities. This presents opportunities and challenges for Woodville Alliance as part of the community sector in shaping services that build community resilience and sustain community health and wellbeing. 

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

According to the Communities of Change report (2018), one of the key indicators of diversity across the region is people who speak a language other than English at home. At 43.6 percent, Western Sydney has a higher proportion of people who speak a language other than English at home, compared to Greater Sydney’s 35.8 percent. 

The Fairfield, Cumberland and Canterbury Bankstown local government areas contain the highest proportions and numbers of people who speak a language other than English at home.










And many, many others!

Working together for a better future

Woodville Alliance is passionate about contributing to the best possible future for local families living in Western Sydney.  Our challenge lies in planning, adapting, growing, and tackling deep and structural disadvantages and harnessing the dynamic opportunities in our work with the people we serve. For full LGA profiles, visit


Overall, 91.3% of the labour force is employed, and 8.7% unemployed, compared with 94.9% and 5.1%, respectively for Greater Sydney.

Affordable Housing

Long waiting lists for social housing, not enough social housing and limited knowledge about legal rights and support, make it difficult for local families to access safe and affordable housing.

Domestic Violence

Bureau of Crime Statistics figures reveal that Fairfield has the 10th highest rate of domestic violence incidents in metropolitan Sydney. Police say domestic violence makes up almost 40% of their workload.

Domestic Violence

In our local area, where more than half of the residents were born overseas, a lack of recognition of overseas skills has detrimental effects on the socio-economic index and the quality of life of residents.

Access & Inclusion

The understanding of NDIS processes and systems needs to bu furthered. The proportion of people who need help with core activities due to a disability is higher than the average across metropolitan Sydney.


High addiction rates, which include some of the highest gambling addiction rates in the country, paired with a lack of information about local support available, must be addressed to change our LGA outlook.

Woodville Alliance Delivers Community & Disability Services

We work in partnership with our community to identify and build on strengths and develop resources, capacity and resilience.

For Families

It doesn’t matter where you came from, what your current situation or your background is or what you believe in. We are stronger together. At Woodville Alliance, we cherish and celebrate diversity together.

Discover our community programs and events and how we can help you when you face challenging times.

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For Referrers

We have established and trusted relationships with local case workers and disability service referrers, who know that their clients are in safe, capable and attentive hands when they refer to us.

Our team members form personal connections with families and clients, just like you do. This means we get to know the family members and our staff become trusted, committed supporters and advocates.

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We have something for everyone. Make new connections, engage with other families and make new friends

PCYC Program of Activities – Term 3

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Date : 17 July 2023

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Location: PCYC Liverpool

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