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A career with Woodville Alliance offers many rich experiences, connection with the community, opportunities for advancement and the chance to make a difference to the lives of many who left behind in life.

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Award Winner!

Woodville Alliance is super excited to announce to be the winner of the Change Champion Awards by The Voice within the small-medium category! This recognises significant improvements in its work practices and employee engagement.

Despite experiencing significant challenges presented by the pandemic, 2022 results have shown that staff well-being and engagement levels are at a record high. Feedback from staff showed a significant improvement of 8.3% in the survey scores, placing Woodville amongst the top change achievers within small and medium-sized organisations.

We are proud and humbled to win this award, as it highlights the exceptional improvements the organisation has collectively made in its work practices and employee engagement. It also highlights the need to continue to listen, learn and adapt our work practices to what the staff and community are telling us. This award is a testament to the dedication, resilience and commitment of our staff towards achieving highest level of care and support for our clients, in very challenging circumstances.

Staff Experiences

What’s so awesome about working for Woodville Alliance?

Meet Patricia

Patricia is a disability services support worker. Watch a short video to hear about her experience working at Woodville Alliance.

What does a disability support worker do? A disability support worker provides care and social support to people with disability to improve their quality of life. Their duties can include providing personal physical care, assisting with household chores such as cooking and cleaning, and transporting clients to social outings and medical appointments.

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Meet Mafruha

Mafruha is working as an Early Intervention Officer. Watch a short video about her experience and story as a student placement at Woodville Alliance and landing her dream job with us.

What does an early intervention worker do? Early intervention specialists work with families and give them strategies to practice with their children in everyday activities and routines, at home and in the community.

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Meet Ebenezer 

Ebenezer is passionate about helping people and supporting community. Watch a short video about why he chose to start a career in community service and what he loves about living and working in Western Sydney.

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Meet Kelly

Kelly is a Disability Service Manager. Watch a short video about why she chose to start a career in disability services and what she loves about working at Woodville Alliance.

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Watch how we celebrate at Woodville Alliance

At Woodville Alliance, we love what we do, and we also love to celebrate our work. We have many staff celebration events and activities throughout the year and there is nothing special than coming to end of year to have one big party. Watch a video to see how we come together as one to share great stories, awards and recognition, delicious local food, dancing and singing.

Consider a career with Woodville Alliance.